Stick on nails are an inexpensive option for traditional acrylic nails
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Are Stick On Nails Good for Your Nails? | The Ultimate Guide to Stick On Gel Nails

The industry of beauty is one that’s ever changing and transformative. The whole game got flipped when stick on nails came on board. These nails are affordable, diverse, easily placed, and have low commitment and are popular for more than being convenient. Although, the question still lingers around: Are stick on nails good for your nails? This complete guide will take you through everything you should know about stick on nails including pros and cons of stick on nails; how to apply them and what to look out for when buying stick on nails.

So What are Stick On Nails?

Stick on nails, also known as pressons or stick ons, are artificial nails that come pre-designed and pre-shaped. In addition, they are often made from acrylic resin or gel and feature an adhesive backing so that they can be attached easily. Unlike traditional enhancements that require an appointment at a salon, these types of nails can be applied at home within minutes making them suitable for people with hectic schedules. Nailknack has over 200+ designs of Stick on Nails.

Benefits of Stick On Nails

1. Ease of Application

One major advantage of using such nails is their simplicity in application. Using of special skills or tools is not required when applying these types of false nail extensions into your hands. All you have to do is clean your natural nail bed surfaces then buff and glue the nails by pressing on the fake one until it sets properly on top! And there you go!

2. Affordability

Also, stick ons are an inexpensive option for traditional nail enhancements. A good set of stick ons is often just a fraction of the cost of getting your nails done professionally; so, you do not have to hold back on your spending while trying new styles and patterns.

3. Variety and Customization

The range of stick on nails available is amazing. From gel types to fancy ones with all sorts of designs and flashy colors, there is a choice for everyone depending on their style and occasion in question. Moreover, Nailknack also has an option for one to customize the nails.

4. Minimal Commitment

Contrary to acrylic or gel nails that need frequent refills and other maintenance practices, stick ons are temporary. When you get bored with a pattern or just want to let your natural ones breathe, they can be removed without causing harm.

5. Long-Lasting Wear

Stick ons can outlast the traditional manicure when it comes to special moments or some long period such as vacations. With proper upkeep, you can keep them up for up to two to three weeks.

6. Natural Look and Feel

Stick on gel nails made from soft gel material mimic salon quality gels closely in terms of look and feel. They are also more bendable which reduces their chances of breaking easily.

7. Easy Removal

Though they are strong, stick on nails are easy to remove. A quick soak in warm water can dissolve the glue used.

Are Stick On Nails Safe for Your Natural Nails?

Stick on nails are generally safe for your natural nails when applied and removed appropriately. You must avoid using destructive chemicals or using force in removing them from your fingers. This means that you must take good care of your nails as well as giving them break regularly.

Check Reviews

Before buying read online reviews about what customers say about the product and this will ensure that you choose wisely since durability appearance and overall quality will be reviewed.


Stick on nails are a good way to get gorgeous salon-quality nails without the cost and time of traditional acrylic nails. Provided they are applied and removed correctly, stick ons do not harm your natural nails and come with many advantages such as ease of application, affordability, and variety. By following these hints and tips contained in this guide, you will have amazing healthy and beautiful nails.

Hence, artificial stick on nails are all the charm that one can talk about, which can be personalized to your own style together with standard of living. There is no excuse not to try them since there is a wide range of designs available. Whether you’re new or well-experienced in the field of stick ons, these amazing nail extensions will wow you. Loved it? Wanna try it out? Get yours hands on these amazing reusable stick on nails by Nailknack only at