Colorful Pastels Presson Nails

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Type: Both Hands

UV Gel Finish


Long Lasting

Cute Fake Nails
Colorful Pastels Presson Nails
Regular price ₹ 499.00
Sale price ₹ 699.00

Color Attack of Pastel Hues: Dive in Elegance of pastels

These delightful nails are perfect for those who want to express their style with a touch of pop and fun. Additionally, looks good whether you’re attending a special event, going out with friends, or simply want to elevate your everyday look, these press-on nails have got you covered.

We personally think these are the epitome of cuteness, if looking for cute fake nails. Imagine a palette of dreamy pastel nail polish or shades – mint green, baby pink, lavender, and sky blue. These nails offer a rainbow of color for nails, hence will instantly lift your mood. Whether you’re feeling playful or sophisticated, there’s a shade for every occasion.

Nail polish colors can sometimes be tricky for those with darker skin tones. But fear not! NailKnack’s Colorful Pastels Press-on Nails are carefully curated to complement all skin tones. The soft pastel shades pop beautifully against deeper complexions, creating a harmonious and eye-catching effect.

Applying these press-on nails is a breeze. Simply use nail glue for fake nails (included in the kit) to adhere them to your natural nails. No need to spend hours at the salon – achieve salon-quality nails in just minutes! Plus, they’re easy to remove when you’re ready for a change.

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