French Nails French Nails French Nails

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Type: Both Hands

UV Gel Finish


Long Lasting

French Nails
French Nails French Nails French Nails
Regular price ₹ 699.00
Sale price ₹ 1,099.00

French is all we love! Follow the trend in a classic way!

Let's immerse ourselves into the world of French Nails, the timeless yet stylish-sophisticated nail trend that has adorned fingertips for decades. Whether you're after the classic french manicure nails or wanting to get creative, these nail designs are here to make your statement.

Gel French Manicure is probably the most sophisticated yet versatile type of nails. The look is simply achieved by painting white tips onto a light-pink or clear base coat. The clean lines and minimalistic look places it in perfect line for every occasion, from a trip to the mall to formal events to a party.

French Polish Nails is also the most diverse and you can check our endless collection of French Tip Fake Nails to skip the long drying time of nail polish. Give yourself a makeover by experimenting with different colors other than the typical white.

Almond French Nails has become a very common appearance on social media. It allows your favorite nails to be known. Combine this almond nail shape with a French manicure to get this fine twist. The almond tips elongate your fingers while the classic white tips keep a timeless look. 

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