5 Rookie Mistakes When Applying Press-On Nails
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5 Rookie Mistakes When Applying Press-On Nails

Unveiling the Nail Blunders: 5 Press-On Pitfalls to Avoid!
  1. Skipping the prep work

One of the most important steps in applying press-ons is properly preparing your natural nails. The process includes pushing back your cuticles, buffing your nails, and dehydrating your nails with 100% alcohol or acetone.

Skipping this step can result in the press-on not adhering properly or lifting off quickly.

  1. Choosing the wrong size

Using a nail that is too big can make it difficult to apply and can also cause discomfort. Using a nail that is too small can result in gaps between the press-on and your nail. To avoid this mistake, make sure to measure your nails carefully and choose the correct size.

  1. Not pressing down firmly

Whether you are applying with nail glue or glue tabs, make sure to press down firmly for several seconds to ensure your press-on nails adhere properly.

This shouldn’t be uncomfortable but you need to make sure there is enough contact. A well- fitted nail should not cause discomfort.

  1. Not allowing enough time to dry

Allow a few hours for the press-on nail glue to dry completely before doing any activities that could cause them to come loose

  1. Filling the press-ons incorrectly

If you need to file your press-on nails to achieve your desired shape or fit, it’s important to do so carefully. Use a gentle filling motion.

With a little practice, you’ll become a pro at applying press-on nails in no time.