Trending Nail Shapes in 2024
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Trending Nail Shapes in 2024

Discover your signature nail shape

Square Nails:

Square nails are very beautiful to look at, they look good on both small and big fingers, they look slightly rounder than squares and corners, if seen, and these nails are quite trendy.

Round Nails:

Round nail shapes are a very simple nail shape. This type of nail is a round semi circle. This type of nails sharp does not require much maintenance. It looks very attractive on both little or big fingers (hands).

Squoval Nails:

Usually the most attractive nail shape is the square which mirrors your cuticle line. The universally loved shape seriously suits everyone. If you hate sharp corners of nails then squall nails are perfect for you.

Oval Nails:

Most attractive shape as they complement the natural curve of your cuticle line. This universally loved nail shape is incredibly flattering on everyone. If you prefer a softer look without sharp corners, oval nails are the perfect choice for you.

Almond Nails:

This nail shape is named Almond because the whole nail looks like an almond. Almond shaped nails look good on everyone. If you have small palms and short fingers.

Stiletto Nails:

The nails look like designer nails, they are pointed like almonds, light, this type of nail requires a lot of maintenance. But these nails look very beautiful when worn and attract a lot of people.