Everything You Need to Know About Waterproof Nail Glue and False Nail Glue
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Are Press-On Nails Waterproof? Everything You Need to Know About Waterproof Nail Glue and False Nail Glue

Fake nails, often called nail tips, are an innovative version of acrylic nail extensions. Home manicure or Press On Nails are a comfortable way of getting beautiful nails at home ensuring excellent results. However, many are curious to know if press-on nails can be worn in water? Nailknack Press-on nails are a popular type of hand-made nail outfits that can be easily put on by a user without requiring the help of a professional. They have a good sustainability in water and allows the reader of this blog to discover the best false nail glue, waterproof nail glue and nail glue stickers for long-lasting nails.

Understanding Press On Nails

False nail or artificial nails as they are referred to are actually enhancements that are ready made and are needed just to be placed over the natural nails. It is available in different styles, colors or designs thus giving the users a personal touch and fashionable clothes. Nailknack has over 200+ designs and colors. Unlike other styles of acrylic nails or gel nails, press-on nails are easy to file and bring off and hence appealing to women who want to change their nails frequently or do it at home in just a fraction of a cost of acrylic nails.

The Role of False Nail Glue

The longevity and durability of press-on nails largely depend on the type of nail glue used. There are several types of nail glues available, each with different properties and levels of effectiveness. Nailknack provides a kit with every set you buy which has the false nail glue in it.

False nail glue is specifically formulated for attaching press-on nails. It creates a strong bond between the natural and artificial nails, ensuring they stay in place for a long time. It is important to consider its adhesive strength, drying time, and overall durability, allow some time like 30-60 minutes for the glue to dry before putting your hand in water. High-quality false nail glue can significantly enhance the lifespan of your press-on nails, even when exposed to water.

Do not use glue tabs if you want your nails to be waterproof or want them to wear for a long time. Nail glue is ideal for those frequently in contact with water. It withstands moisture without losing its adhesive properties, making it perfect for swimmers, dishwashers, and anyone with prolonged water exposure. This glue ensures your press-on nails remain secure and intact in any condition. Nailknack’s glue has been tested for a series of 30 days and the results are posted on their Instagram handle.

Type of Nail Glue:

As stated earlier, the use of high-quality waterproof nail glue is very important as it will ensure that your press-on nails do not come off when they get wet. It is advisable to go for Nailknack false nail adhesive for long lasting results.

Proper Installation:

Properly fixing press on nails and choosing the correct sizes is key to their longevity. Ensure that your real nails are spotless, dry, properly buffed and non-greasy before applying the adhesive. Firmly push the fake nails down into place and wait till the glue dries fully. You can watch a tutorial here.


Timely maintenance can mean life extension for your pressed-on nails. Try not to keep your hands in water for long periods and use gloves when doing any work involving water. This will prevent the weakening of the glue and the lifting of the nails. Even if it comes off, you can reapply.


Just follow the previous steps, clean, buff and apply glue and press for a few seconds and your nails will look as good as new ones.


Nailknack press-on nails can be waterproof with proper application and nail glue, follow the steps correctly. By investing in the right products and taking good care of your press-on nails, you can enjoy beautiful, long-lasting nails without worrying about water damage. Make sure to check on your nails underneath the press-ons, as long-time exposure to water and not cleaning them can make the area beneath it moist causing fungal infection. So, remember a long-lasting wear is good but make sure to clean the nails and re-apply them to prevent the infections.